Global companies are still trying to meet the standards of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), they are now being faced with California’s new privacy law known as California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) which will begin enforcement January 1, 2020.  Kramer Levin published an article highlighting the comparison between the new privacy laws which can be found here.


What is interesting about this post is the detail they go into specifics around the Right to be Forgotten/Erasure aka Deletion can how the two regulatory laws compare:

“The GDPR contains a similar provision, referred to as the “right to be forgotten,” allowing data subjects the right to have personal data concerning them deleted by the data controller under certain circumstances. Data subjects enjoy this right regardless of the source from which the data was obtained. Art. 17. As with the CCPA’s right to deletion, the GDPR’s right to be forgotten is combined by several exceptions, allowing controllers to deny erasure requests when doing so is part of an exercise of free expression; is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation or the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims; or when retaining the data is in the public interest. The GDPR also allows data subjects to request that controllers implement restrictions on the use of their personal data in certain circumstances, and requires businesses to notify any recipient to whom they have disclosed the subject’s personal data of any limitations or erasures requested by the subject that they have implemented. Art. 18-19.

This is where RIVN comes into play.  When it comes to the deletion activity that is where RIVN is here to help companies get ready for CPPA and GDPR.  For digital marketer and legal teams, the greatest hurdle may be the “Right to Erasure/Deletion” function itself. Contemporary organizations are searching for a module-based solution such as RIVN to step up to meet this need with an easy to use SaaS-based single function that allows brands worldwide to meet business needs and be ready for what is next.

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