In a recent study “sponsored by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), the researchers from UTS and Western Sydney University found there was no clear or consistent approach to the disclosure of personal data”.  This is critical on several levels. First, no standardization is in place today. Second, it shows the government is actively looking to solve this problem for its citizens. The full article from IT News can be found here.


The article cites a key piece of legislation which is Consumer Data Right (found here) will help standardize data access and transfer in Australia. In addition, researchers cited the GDPR as a standard for customer rights standard. Including this quote:

“The European Union has introduced a foundational reform that provides citizens with a range of rights, including a right to be forgotten and a right to access data”

The Australian government is also working towards enabling a right to be forgotten law. For digital marketer and legal teams the greatest hurdle may be the “Right to Erasure/Deletion” function itself.  Contemporary organizations are searching for a module based solutions such as RIVN to step up to meet this need with an easy to use SaaS based single function that allows brands worldwide to meet business needs and be ready for what is next.

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