Australia is starting to blaze a trail when it comes to consumer privacy. After the GDPR and released last year and CCPA coming up in a few months. The Australian retail ecosystem is taken notices and preparing for what is next.  The full article from Inside Retail can be found here.


Here are a few key takeaways from the article:

“Australia’s Online Privacy Law requires organizations to “clearly express policies” on the management of their customers’ personal information. Organizations are also required to let their customers know what type of personal data they collect, for what purpose, and how the data is collected.”

“Fifty-three per cent of respondents in our survey say they only purchase with the online retailers they trust. About 26 per cent say they look into a retailer’s background and online reviews before buying and 26 per cent say they do not sign up for newsletters as frequently. Many also regularly clear their browsing history, and some use a VPN, all to prevent companies from tracking their online activities. Some even claim that the concern has made them purchase with only online retailers that have a physical store.

According to the study, 43 percent do not like retailers sending them personalized emails based on their previous shopping behaviour because they feel that the companies are tracking their movements. Twenty-six percent are open to receiving personalised emails because they reduce the number of irrelevant emails

The Australian government is also working towards enabling a right to be forgotten law. For digital marketer and legal teams, the greatest hurdle may be the “Right to Erasure/Deletion” function itself.  Contemporary organizations are searching for a module-based solution such as RIVN to step up to meet this need with an easy to use SaaS-based single function that allows brands worldwide to meet business needs and be ready for what is next.

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