The recent FTC fines and microscope focused on privacy continues to create an environment for new legal processes and regulations. Recently a few senators have introduced a new bill that gives the FTC move flexibility to investigate big tech companies and levy heavy fines. The full article from Gizmodo can be found here.

Credit: Charlie Neibergall (AP)

Here are a few key takeaways from the article:

“The two Democrats call it the “Monopolization Deterrence Act,” Reuters reported. This legislation would grant the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission the ability to levy civil penalties when companies break antitrust law, up to 15 percent of the company’s total U.S. revenue or 30 percent of its U.S. revenue in affected markets.”

“Our legislation would empower our antitrust watchdogs with new tools to deter monopolization of market power and hold bad actors accountable,” Blumenthal said in an emailed statement to Gizmodo. “American consumers and workers are being crushed by corporate consolidation, and our outdated laws have failed to keep pace with our modern economy.”

It will be interesting to see if these fines continue how business practices will evolve over time. One specific area around the Right to Erasure is one to watch closely.

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