If you search the term “privacy” in Google you would see about 19 billions results in half a of second. The reality is people across the globe are interested in learning more about privacy and how they can protect themselves. More importantly the power of consumer privacy is on the rise. Recent news stories have highlighted the power of privacy in regards to big technology companies and political campaigns. 

Pew Research recently reported that “roughly six-in-ten U.S. adults say they do not think it is possible to go through daily life without having data collected about them by companies or the government.”

The team at Forbes recently published a great article found here. The article gives great background into how the rise of privacy has become a mainstream topic along with certain business vertices and technologies that are the most impacted.


Below is an excerpt from the article:

Andrew Hawn, my former colleague and now founder of MetaForesight, is a technology, media and content expert. Andrew has been collaborating with my analytic startup, Metametrix, and we recently spoke about privacy and its far-reaching implications.

“We’re seeing a social shift in the long term effects of privacy…. As billions more in venture investing targets our personal data for resale in a multitude of ways, people are starting to more deeply question their growing lack of data privacy and control.”

Andrew went on to say:

“The truth is that there is only so much regular citizens can do without laws and policies that empower citizens to retake some personal data power. The EU’s GDPR was a blunt first instrument, and now California’s CCPA is trying to take a slightly smarter approach starting in 2020.”

“Just trying to turn things off by playing whack-a-mole won’t work; we need new innovations focused on protections that are more conversation driven and transparent.”

What these comments do give insight to is new technologies such as RIVN need to be in place so companies have the ability to respect user privacy preferences. All companies will need to adopt scalable technologies that lead to compliance.  

For digital marketers, finance, IT professionals and legal teams the greatest hurdle may be consent management and the “Right to Erasure/Deletion” itself. Contemporary organizations are searching for a module based solutions such as RIVN to step up to meet this need with an easy to use SaaS based single function that allows brands worldwide to meet business needs and be ready for what is next.

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