RIVN provides businesses and consumers with transparency into their data. In today’s ever-changing data privacy environment, individuals expect visibility and control into how their data is used, processed, and sold.

In order to remain competitive, businesses invested in software, resulting in an explosion of systems managing and processing personal data. These systems, particularly in the sales, marketing, and adjacent spaces, were not built to be compliant. We solve this problem. 

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is entrepreneurial — has a desire to found their own startup in the future
  • Can lead design and implementation of key product features
  • Loves working closely with product and UI/UX design teams to come up with the best solutions and user experiences for our customers
  • Values collaborating with members outside of the product-eng team in sales, marketing and customer success
  • Ultimately, wants to learn a lot very quickly



This is RIVN