Mission Statement

Is putting humanity into data privacy.

We aim to build the industry-standard platform for businesses aiming to unleash innovation with a real-time, universal data foundation.

RIVN will make data more valuable, purposeful, actionable and secure.


Our Vision


Our Team

Glen Horsley, CEO

Glen is an accomplished software executive with over 12 years experience in the software industry. Glen is currently CEO of RIVN, a privacy compliance software company. 



Aaron DeRose, COO

Aaron has 18+ years in finance and Venture Capital experience. Aaron has recently managed and operated Total Health and Fitness as CEO.



Keri Anderson, CFO

With 20+ years of corporate experience Keri Anderson is experienced executive officer with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare, information technology and services industries. She has managed high profile projects, budgets in excess of $200M and played a lead role in the creation, development and liquidity of several companies.  Keri has proven time and time again to have the ability to see a vision for a company the fundamentally build a path for that company to succeed.


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